Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes in  Brixton and Clapham

2018 is here – a perfect opportunity for new beginnings.
My January classes will focus on different aspects of beginning something new.  Each week we'll use that focus to connect the asanas (poses) in a flowing sequence. You are invited to contemplate each week's theme in a beautiful moving meditation that unites your mind, body and spirit.
Visit my news page for more info about each week's theme.
Or give me a call if you have any questions on 07961317251.


Tuesday 8.15 pm, Vinyasa Flow 

 Clapham Space, 1 Landor Road, SW9 9RX
75 minutes

A flow class that gets your body moving. Starting with some core exercises to build strength and self-worth, you'll then flow through a warrior dance for heat and flexibility, finishing with an inversion and hip openers. The class ends with a short guided meditation. 

£10 drop in.

Ustrasana Camel pose

Ustrasana Camel pose

Wednesday 7pm, Dynamic Flow, 8pm, Slow Flow

Ardha Chandrasana - Half moon pose 

Ardha Chandrasana - Half moon pose 

Where: Stillpoint Yoga Studio, upstairs at 41 Acre Lane, SW2
50 minutes

Dynamic Flow will get heart beating and your energy shifting. I'll invite you to receive and release through your breath as you flow through the class with pace and passion. 

Slow Flow is a gentle moving meditation that brings you into alignment with your breath. We take time in each asana to fully focus on the pose and your relationship to yourself within it. 

£10 for one class or £15 for both, drop in

Paschimottanasana Seated forward fold with very cold feet!

Paschimottanasana Seated forward fold with very cold feet!

Friday 9.30am Bend it like Benson!

Where: Studio B, 130 Brixton Hill, London SW2 1RS
90 minutes

A very small class with an emphasis on correct alignment. While we flow we  focus on each and every asana so I can help guide you into the postures with gentle adjustments and lots of encouragement. 

Maximum 8 participants, so please book your spot by emailing me

£10 per class