Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes in Clapham and Brixton

The more hectic life is, the more crazy busy your world becomes, the more you need yoga. It's critical you make time to catch your.breath, calm your mind and energise your body. 

Each vinyasa flow class is dynamic yet meditative, giving you the chance  to connect with your body & breath, free your spirit and have a little fun. 

As winter bites, my classes build heat to keep you warm and fuel transformation. They invite acceptance; a conscious surrender  to the ebb and flow of the seasons and of life itself. 

Classes are at ClaphamSpace on Landor Road on Tuesdays at 8.15pm  and Studio B on Brixton Hill on Friday at 10.00am . 

Claire’s seasonal topical weekly themes juxtaposed with ancient mythological storytelling deliver an unexpected and intellectual depth to her classes. Somehow my earthly concerns about the state of the world today are calmed by the wisdoms of the venerable sages from the distant past.

Claire’s teaching nourishes not only my body, but my mind and spirit in equal measure. Her voice and narration are a meditation in themselves drawing me into an ever-deepening realm of clarity and joy.
— Imogen, Creative Producer, Wanderlust 108 Yoga Festival

Claire’s classes are interesting and dynamic. They come complete with nuggets of Yogic mythology and lovely music which makes the whole experience feel like a proper escape. Claire’s style is laid back personable and fun. There is no pressure and all levels are welcome. Claire’s voice is really warm and hypnotic which makes the short meditation at the end of the class very relaxing. I can’t recommend enough!
— Julie, Stockwell

Claire’s classes are fabulous. Uplifting, original, enjoyable and inspiring. If you’re looking for a yoga class where you get to explore and understand each posture rather than going through the motions each week, this is the class for you.
— Kath, Clapham

dancer with a tree.jpg

dancing with a tree 

Dancer pose - Nataranjasana - always makes me smile, especially when I get to dance with a tree in at dawn!