Gratitude and Giving

I love giving gifts to people. It’s so much fun choosing just the right thing for the special people in my life. But at this time of year it’s really important to remember to give yourself some gifts too, a little self love goes a long way. 

In class this week you’ll focus your attention inwards, taking time to thank your amazing body for all that it does for you, as well as tune in to your fantastic inner gifts and talents. 

You’ll open your heart to love with a variety of back bends including camel, bow, and crescent lunge. And you’ll activate and balance your Manipura or solar plexus chakra with power poses like plank and warrior. Manipura is your centre for self esteem and self worth as well as willpower, so by stimulating this chakra you not only activate your core you also stimulate happy feelings of self confidence. And who doesn’t want a bit more confidence?!

The class is dynamic and flowing, and lots of fun.
Classes are suitable for all levels. Please bring your own mat. 

Sound track: Satori Eastern Yoga Grooves – Desert Dwellers

Class times: 
Friday, 10am -11.30, Studio B, Brixton, SW2.
Tuesday, 8.15pm, ClaphamSpace, 1 Landor Road, Clapham, SW9, drop in
£10 per class

Please call me with any questions on 07961317251.

Three easy ways to give yourself a gift of love
1. Starting from your toes and working up your body send each part of you a message of love and thanks “thank you toes, thank you feet …” You can do this as you drift off to sleep.
2. Do something for yourself that is a real treat, have that pedicure or massage.
3. Go for a walk in nature - the park is fine - and hug a tree. Or just have a cappuccino and breathe in, really concentrate on the receiving and releasing of each breath.
hug a tree for happiness
claire benson