yoga classes w/c 8 January - New Beginnings

Connect with your inner divine 

In this first week of my January 'new beginnings' classes I'll invite you to connect with your inner divine. We all have within us everything we need to be whoever we want to be. But, like Lord Hanuman the monkey god we often forget. 

During class we'll remind ourselves that we have great inner power and strength. We'll flow through a warrior dance, taking extra time in uttkatasana – aka awkward pose – to fully challenge our will. We'll celebrate Lord Hanuman in Hanumanasana, one of the poses named for the monkey god. This pose that honours his epic leap across the ocean from India to Sri Lanka. Hanumanasa is a full splits pose; it's challenging yet fun. It opens your hips and encourages you to connect with your inner divine. It'll feature in all of my classes this week. 

  • Tuesday 8.15pm, ClaphamSpace, 1 Landor Road, SW9 
  • Wednesday, dynamic flow at 7pm slow flow at 8, Stillpoint Yoga Studio, upstairs 41 Acre Lane, SW2
  • Friday, 9.30am, StudioB, 140 Brixton Hill, SW2 - focus on form and alignment
Hanumanasana or splits pose

Hanumanasana or splits pose