yoga classes w/c 16 July

Find strength on your mat

As you all know your yoga practice helps you cultivate strength and flexibility both physically and emotionally. On our mats we go to our edge, meeting our fears, challenging our balance and allowing our world to be turned upside down. We do this by connecting with our breath and our inner divine. This helps us off the mat; empowering us to greet all aspects of life with that connection. 

In class this week you'll explore your inner strength with asanas like hero pose, virasana, (shown in the pic) and hanumanasana. I'll invite you to bring attention to all aspects of each pose. You might question how each pose challenges you, or what emotions each pose evokes and how you can connect to your strength to meet those challenges. We are all capable of far more than we think possible. 

I've also been dragged into the 20th century and now have Spotify! So there are some new tunes too. 

Only one class this week and that's on Tuesday at 8.15pm at ClaphamSpace. I look forward to welcoming you then. 

virasana, hero pose

virasana, hero pose

claire benson