Yoga classes w/c 24 September

Energise your chakras! 

The equinox has past and as we move from autumn to winter (which feels like it’s arrived with a bang), it’s a good time to reenergise and realign your chakras. The chakras are the seven centres from the crown to the base of the spine which allow energy to flow freely and smoothly throughout the body. We function best when our chakras are balanced and energised.

This week in class we’ll focus on each of the chakras in turn with seven mini flows dedicated to helping balance each chakra

  • Root chakra, muladara, virabrahdrasana sequence to ground and open the hips 

  • Sacral chakra, svadistana, hips circles and malasana to waken then divine feminine

  • Solar chakra, manipura, navasana and phalakasana to strengthen the core

  • Heart chakra, anahata, ustrasana to open the heart

  • Throat chakra, visshudha, salamba sarvangasana and matsyasana to honour our voice and our truth 

  • Third eye chakra, ajna, drinking bird pose to focus our attention 

  • Crown chakra, sahasrara,  vrksasana to connect us to all that is. 

There’ll be a few surprises thrown in too! 

I look forward to flowing with you. 

Tuesday, 8.15pm, ClaphamSpace, 1 Landor Road, SW9 

Friday, 9.30am, Stillpoint Yoga, 41 Acre Lane 

Advance warning: no Friday class on 5 October, Tuesday class as normal next week. 

vrksasana on Brixton High Street

vrksasana on Brixton High Street

claire benson