Finding your inner divine

The inspiration for my class this week came  because I kept being told to 'notice miracles'!

For me the hardest miracle to acknowledge is that there are no miracles, that we all are miraculous because we are divine beings. If we can overcome our fears then we come closer to connecting with our inner divine. 

The three fears that we seek to overcome in the class are: 

  • fear of falling in our balance poses.
  • fear of turning the world upside down in our inversions 
  • fear of opening our hearts in our back bends

We tap into our divine radiance in Garudasana, eagle pose, and channel the bravery, strength and compassion of Hanaman the monkey god in Virasana, hero pose, because the difference between the hero and the coward is that the hero takes action, while fear stops most, a hero pursues the seemingly impossible. 

At this time of year as we move into winter and the plants around us go to sleep it seems impossible they  will ever come back to life, but of course every spring they do. Not a miracle, because the tree does not question its inner divine, it just lives! 

So, I invite you to open your heart to the divine within you. 

Celebrating the beauty of the gourd! 

Celebrating the beauty of the gourd! 

claire benson