Come on baby light my fire - classes for w/c 30 October 17

I love my husband dearly, but we are not allowed to put the heating on until 1 November. So if like me you feel a little chill in the evenings, it's good to know how to light your inner fire. 

In our classes this week we'll be firing up our manipura or solar plexus chakra. Its symbol is fire and its colour is yellow. The manipura chakra is your seat of self worth and is all about taking action. I'll invite you to bring your attention to an area of your life where you'd like to take some action and let's see if we can ignite the flame of intention and action throughout the class, so you can bring that dream to life. 

To activate your inner fire, the class will start with lots of core work, focusing on connecting with your oodiyana banda, located just under the ribs. The class will challenge your strength - with plank pose variations and bakasana or crane pose. It will challenge your balance and enliven your sense of fun with dancer. 

The soundtrack to the class will be The African Chill Experience. I love the sound of African drums and chilled house beats to really light my fire!

I can't wait to see you there. Remember my Tuesday and Friday classes are 'pay what you can afford' until the end of November, so come along and have some fun!

I was inspired by the dancing stick men at Kew Gardens. 

I was inspired by the dancing stick men at Kew Gardens. 

claire benson