It's a love thing

it's a love thing.JPG

The first week of November is the week I love the most, both my children were born this week and it's my wedding anniversary. 

My classes this week celebrate that intense love with asanas that make my heart sing. You'll get your energy moving with a Sufigrind to release your Kundalini, you'll open your heart with a beautiful and flowing Tibetan detox and connect with your Manipura chakra with hip openers like hanumanasana and pigeon. I've included a 'frog' because it's my daughter's nickname and some yogic bicycles to remind me of my son speeding round the velodrome. For my husband I've included waterfall, I'll tell you why on the day! 

During your final meditation in Savasana I'll invite you to tune into your heart and expand your love by sending it out into the world and deep into your soul. ❤️❤️

I cannot wait to share the love.

Sound track: Prana Pulse by Shaman's Dream


claire benson