Yoga classes w/c 12 March

Let yoga help your inner radiance shine

It’s grey and raining as I write this, although the big thaw has revealed the crocuses in their glorious purples and yellows. I love this peeping of colour; a hint of the spring to come.

This week in class we’ll be calling on the story of Garuda in eagle pose to inspire our own inner radiance to shine. Garuda, the mythical half man half eagle, was born with the radiance of a million suns, he was so bright that the gods asked him to dull his brilliance so that they could look at him. Garuda drew his energy inwards, as we do when we take on garudasana, we wrap one leg around the other, we twist our arms together over our hearts, we pull our limbs as close to our centre as possible. As we release the pose we are invited to free our arms like wings and reveal our radiance. 

In so many ways in life we hide our inner lights. So, in class this week we’ll explore asanas and meditation to help let our inner radiance shine. We’ll energise our muladhara chakra, which grounds and centres us, we’ll activate our manipura chakra, for willpower and self-worth and we’ll open our heart chakra - anahata - to allow new possibilities. 

Expect to see garudasana, of course, as well as anjaneyasana, crescent lunge to open the heart and the hips as well as dancing camel, ustrasana, a gentle backbend and a pose that makes everyone smile. 

I look forward to welcoming you to class so I can see your glorious radiance as we flow through class.  

  •  Tuesday, 8.15pm, vinyasa flow, ClaphamSpace, 1 Landor Road, Clapham, SW9, drop in 
  •  Wednesday, 7pm dynamic flow, 8pm slow flow and meditation, Stillpoint Yoga Studio, upstairs at 41 Acre Lane, Brixton, SW2
  • Friday, 9.30am, Studio B, front studio 130 Brixton Hill, SW2.

£10 per class, just drop in, both Wednesday classes for £15. Please note I have a card reader if you have no cash.




Magical Mantra

On a personal note, I’m currently exploring the mantra “om lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu” which sounds beautiful and feels lovely to chant. It means “may peace and happiness come to all things, and may everything I do, say and think contribute in some way to that peace and happiness”. If you’d like to know more about mantras please feel free to ask me after class. 

marvellous mat medicine.jpg

Marvellous Mat Medicine

I’ve made some absolutely gorgeous ‘Marvellous Mat Medicine’ to sanitise your mats. It is packed full of ‘scentsational’ pure essential oils that not only smell gorgeous but work hard to keep your mat free from bacteria, fungus and other nasties. 

  • Lavender – antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial and smells amazing; perfect to help you keep your mat clean and happy
  • Sweet Orange - a powerful anti-depressant, it calms anxiety and makes you smile (it does me anyway!)
  •  Frankincense - a high vibration oil, known as the king of oils, used to uplift the spirit and relieve stress, it also boosts immunity.

If you’d like to buy some please let me know by email and I’ll bring it to class for you. It’s only £10 for 250ml. And the tall, skinny bottle means you can just pop it into your mat bag. 

claire benson