yoga w/c 10 June

Open your heart to happiness

I’ve been reading this great book called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. She documents a year long project to improve her base line happiness. It’s lots of fun to read, while taking a serious look at what makes each of us happy. One of her important observations is that what just because something is fun for one person doesn’t make that thing fur for another. 

For me time on my mat always brings me a little closer to happiness, especially when I include a few heart openers aka back bends. If I’m honest I don’t find these the easiest asanas. So I try to be open to what makes them hard to practise. I try to question what’s stopping me opening my heart space to more joy or new possibilities or simply deeper connection. 

In class this week I’ll invite you to make these inquiries as we focus on asanas that help us open our hearts. Of course Natarajsana will feature and Dhanurasana. And we’ll also think about how we might open our hearts in less traditional heart-opening poses such as Adho Much Svanasana. 

I look forward to flowing with you. Tuesday, 8.15pm, Clapham Space, 1 Landor Road, London, SW9. 

£10 drop in, no need to book. 

claire benson