Vriksasana and the cycle of life

vriksasana in the garden

Contemplating the cycle of life with tree pose

I’ve been thinking a lot about the cycle of life this week. And, while all of our yoga asanas can represent the stages of birth, life and death, I think tree pose is the one that allows us to contemplate it with most ease. 

Vriksasana or tree pose has so many benefits, both physical and mental. It challenges us to balance, strengthens our legs and opens our hips. The pose reminds us about the importance of our breath; without trees we’d have no oxygen to breathe.  And it connects us to the earth, it grounds us while encouraging us to grow. 

There are so many variations of the pose, including a lying down one, so there’s one to suit every mood and every moment. I like to do it while I wait for the bus, to stem my impatience and practice my balance. 

In class this week we’ll  play with some of the variations of vriksasana in a mandala or circular flow. You’re welcome to join me …  Tuesday at 8.15pm at Clapham Space, 1 Landor Road, SW9. £10 drop in, no need to book. 

Love that the bloke is making a cameo in this otherwise terrible pic! One day I’ll get him along to class… one day. 

claire benson