Quick Quick Slow

Quick Quick Slow 

I survived my first week of full time work for 16 years! Hurrah. Boy was it busy, not just the job itself but all the other stuff. (And believe me I know I say this from the very lucky and privileged position of having a job, a family and clothes to wear and wash etc). It’s been lovely this weekend to slow right down. On Saturday I spent most of the afternoon cooking. This is genuinely one of the things that brings me great joy and I find it soooo relaxing. I also made time for a couple of sessions on my mat and chose some new music for class

We’ll bring that theme of quick, quick, slow into class this week.  Mixing things up a little, we’ll flow with the breath through the warrior dance series and do some of the sequences in reverse just for fun and to keep us in the moment. Every now and then we’ll slow it right down, pause in a particular pose, and simply notice. 

A few of our favourite asanas will feature including variations on pigeon pose - eka pada raja kapotasana, and garudasana, eagle pose. Both are brilliant for strengthening and opening the lower back; and they remind us that when we free our inner radiance we can shine with the light of a million suns. Now how does it get any better than that!

Let me know if you’d like a Spotify link to the playlist. Email me claire@yogaclaire.london

I look forward to flowing with you, Tuesday 8.15pm at ClaphamSpace, 1 Landor Road. 

£10 drop in, no need to book, everyone welcome. 

slow down and meditate
claire benson