Yoga classes w/c 5 November

Happy Hips, Happy Heart

As yogis we know that our bodies tell us secrets about what is going on in our minds, hearts and spirits. We just have to listen. It’s in our hips that we store up emotions that no longer serve us, so feeling tight in the hips can indicate that we have something that we need to release; it might be anger or frustration, it might be fear or even sadness. Whatever it is allowing your body to let it go will help all of you, not just your physical body. 

And even if your life is blissful and you’re holding nothing on an emotional level a good opening up of the hips just feels lush! So this week in class we’ll flow through some of our favourite hip openers, including the challenging but beautiful soma chandrasana or nectar of the moon pose. 

As with all moon poses in soma chandrasana we are invited to remember that even though we may look different or feel different day by day, there is part of us that is unchanging, always there, just as we know that the moon is always the moon no matter what phase of the moon we see. 

I look forward to flowing with you. 

Yoga Classes this week 

Tuesday 8.15pm, ClaphamSpace, 1 Landor Road, London, SW9

Friday 9.30am, Stillpoint Yoga, 41 Acre Lane, SW2

£10 drop in, no need to book, all levels welcome

Soma chandrasana, nectar of the moon pose, a blissful hip opener

Soma chandrasana, nectar of the moon pose, a blissful hip opener