Yoga Classes w/c 29 January 2018

Celebrate your divine feminine with goddess pose, devisana

Celebrate your divine feminine with goddess pose, devisana

Celebrate the 'super blood blue moon' with a lunar flow  

This Wednesday we’ll be under the influence of a very rare ‘super blood blue moon’, even if the cloudy weather means we won’t actually see much of it. And my yoga classes this week will tap into this powerful lunar energy with flows that explore various ‘moon poses’ as well as tapping into your inner divine feminine, which you can (and should) do regardless of your gender. 

The moon poses we’ll explore include:

  • crescent moon, or anjaneyasana, which opens the heart with a luscious yet gentle backbend;
  • half moon pose, or ardha chandrasana, which is a challenging balance and hip opener - we’ll take on two different variations of this pose to take us deeper into moon power
  • Nectar of the moon pose, or soma chandrasana, an intense and beautiful hip opener. 

Mandala flow

Our poses will move us in a circular direction around the mat in a ‘mandala flow’, which honours the cycle of the moon’s waxing and waning. 

The moon’s energy makes us all a little crazy so we’ll enjoy some wonderful grounding and centring asanas, like tree, or vrkasana. 

Connect with your divine feminine

Our divine feminine energy is at its most intense at the full moon, which whispers to us of romance, passion and secrets. We’ll celebrate this throughout our lunar flows by honoring the goddess within by activating our svadhishthana or sacral chakra with beautiful hip openers and some luna dancing! 

I am so excited and can’t wait to see you there. 

What is a super blood blue moon? And how rare is it?

A super blood blue moon is a rare combination of three celestial events. 

  1. A super moon - which is when the moon is at perigee (its nearest point to earth) and about significantly brighter than usual
  2. A blue moon - when we have two full moons in a calendar month 
  3. A blood moon - when the moon in earth’s shadow takes on a reddish tint

It’s rare, it last happened 150 years ago. 

If you feel the power of the moon in your life you are likely to experience intense ripples from this lunar event. Make use of its power to take action, clear out the old and make space for a new more confident and powerful you. It’s an opportunity to move into your future living your truth and connecting with your inner wisdom. 

Yoga class times

  • Tuesday, 8.15pm, ClaphamSpace, 1 Landor Road, SW9 - 75 minutes vinyasa flow  
  • Wednesday, 7pm dynamic flow | 8pm slow flow & meditation, with crystal sound healing, Stillpoint Yoga Studio, 41 Acre Lane, SW2
  • Friday, 9.30am flow with focus on form and alignment, StudioB, 130 Brixton Hill, SW2 - 90 minutes
    All classes are £10, come to both Wednesday classes for only £15
    I have a card reader in case you have no cash!