Yoga Classes w/c 5 February

Yoga for self love – nurture your strength and nourish your soul

It’s the week before Valentine’s Day. But, before you give away your love to others, during all of my classes this week, you’ll take the time to give a whole lot of love to you! 

Each class will balance two of the essential elements of self love - nourishing your strength and nurturing your soul. 

For strength, we’ll explore Garudasana aka Eagle Pose. It’s a challenging balance but fantastic for  building strength in the legs and bottom as well as stretching the upper back and shoulders. Garuda, the mythical eagle, was born from a giant egg with the radiance of a million suns, the gods were blinded by his light and asked him to reduce it so they could see him. In the pose we draw our energy inwards, making ourselves small and then open up, spreading our wings and allowing our radiance to shine. The pose reminds us that we all have the power to shine and radiate our inner light. 

During our warrior dance we’ll flow through virabradrasanas !, 2, and 3, calling warrior strength and power into our bodies. And of course, we’ll activate our manipura or solar plexus chakras - centre of confidence and self worth - with plank in different variations. 

The balance to nurturing your strength is to nourish your soul. Through each class you’ll bring your attention to all the things that are great about you. And use the meditations to direct love into each and every cell of your body. 

Now how does it get any better than that!? I cannot wait to welcome you to class. Any questions please give me a ring or send me an email

Flex with me - yoga class times

  • Tuesday, 8.15pm, ClaphamSpace, 1 Landor Road, SW9 - 75 minutes vinyasa flow  
  • Wednesday, 7pm dynamic flow | 8pm slow flow & meditation, with crystal sound healing, Stillpoint Yoga Studio, 41 Acre Lane, Brixton SW2
  • Friday, 9.30am flow with focus on form and alignment - 90 minutes, studio B, 130 Brixton Hill, SW2
  • All classes are £10, come to both Wednesday classes for only £15
  • I have a card reader in case you have no cash!

Private yoga classes

I’m now offering private yoga classes for one or two people at weekends, These are a great way to kick start an at home yoga practice or simply focus on a particular asana or issue you are working with. I am happy to come to you, within a reasonable travel time. I’ll tailor the sessions to your needs.  Price £60 for 75 minutes. 


Side plank to build strength in the core and the arms!

Side plank to build strength in the core and the arms!