Yoga classes w/c 19 February

Pigeon pose with mermaid legs - my favourite! 

Pigeon pose with mermaid legs - my favourite! 


    Learning to fly with yoga

    It’s my birthday this week so time to review my bucket list… as I get older I become increasingly aware that I’m running out of years to do all the things I want to do! I like to use my time on the mat to challenge my inner fears so that I can approach my bucket list with confidence and joy. There’s simply no time left for fear or worry, I just need to get on with things and learn how to fly.  

    This week in class we’ll be exploring different ways of ‘learning to fly’ through some beautiful bird poses. In yogic mythology birds are not only messengers between earth and the heavens, they are associated with freedom, insight and spiritual bliss. And who doesn’t want a little more of those?

    In Garudasana - eagle pose - we’ll draw our energy inwards to our centre and then release it so we can shine with the radiance of a million suns. We’ll flow into heron pose - krounchasana - to stimulate our heart centres and we’ll enjoy crow pose - bakasana - to confront our fear of falling and embrace the courage to fly. All of these poses encourage inner focus and concentration; a surrender into our own possibilities. 

    I look forward to seeing you on your mat this week and together we’ll fly!

    Of course all of the poses have excellent physical benefits too … 

    Benefits of yoga poses named for birds 

    Heron Pose

    • Stretches hamstrings and glutes of extended leg
    • Lengthens quadriceps of bent leg
    • Strengthens psoas
    • Opens your heart centre
    • Stimulates abdominal organs

    Eagle Pose

    • Improves balance, focus and concentration
    • Strengthens legs, including knees and ankles 
    • Opens shoulders, creating space between shoulder blades
    • Improves circulation
    • Stimulates digestion 

    Crow Pose

    • Strengthens arms 
    • Works out your core
    • Opens up groin and hips, stretches the upper back 

    Pigeon Pose

    • A deep stretch for the glutes and psoas
    • Opens hips
    • Stimulates internal organs
    • An energetic release of tension stored in the lower back and hips

    Bird of Paradise

    • Improves balance and stability 
    • Improves focus and concentration 
    • Strengthens the legs
    • Stretches and loosens hips, hamstrings and groin